Death is neither a failure nor a punishment. It is a developmental stage, just like birth, puberty, adulthood and middle age. Integral Thanatology reaches to the edges of human knowledge of “The Perimortal Zone” by incorporating the understandings, tool and practices of an ever-widening range of wisdom traditions, religious heritage and historical archives, and current pioneering social enterprises to offer a full-spectrum, integrated approach to the Life<—>Death Threshold.

How we die in the 21st Century addresses fundamental human rights issues and environmental concerns of profound impact. As consumers of medical and post-mortem services, we have not only an opportunity but an obligation to become informed of our choices, to reclaim sovereignty over our dying process, and to consciously create a legacy authentic to our values.

It is the mission of Integral Thanatology Institute to provide a comprehensive education for practitioners, communities, congregations, families (however a values-based group defines itself) and individuals with the knowledge to live into a personally-authentic end-of-life.